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360° Contextual Awareness of Safety and Risk

EHS Software solutions are the first line of defence for:

  • The safety or your employees and the public
  • The environment
  • Your brand

With decades of expertise in manufacturing, aviation, rail and retail, Ideagen’s EHS software solutions offer functional depth and completeness, enterprise scale deployment, a compelling, intuitive user experience, mobile apps for remote workers and the analytics and reporting capabilities that management requires to stay in control.

Our EHS software solutions are your organisation’s central nervous system monitoring, capturing, interpreting, responding to and escalating the signals received from all parts of the business:

  • Changing regulations
  • Customer interactions
  • Business transactions
  • Processes and data
  • Third party systems

ISO 14001 Compliance Environmental Management System (EMS)

Compliance with ISO 14001 delivers substantial business benefits:

  • Efficiency and productivity deriving from streamlined, modernised business processes.
  • Cost savings from reduced emissions, waste handling and disposal.
  • Strengthened reputation and brand in the eyes of staff, customers and the public.

Ideagen provides the tools for an ISO 14001 compliant EMS based on Q-Pulse (on-premise or hosted) or Ideagen Coruson (cloud):

  • Document control for policies and procedures;
  • Management of non-conformances, including automatic escalations;
  • Visibility and reporting of performance data, MI and BI;
  • Staff engagement, training and awareness raising;

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We had been experiencing problems in reporting manufacturing incidents, issues and general document management, which were developing into a huge headache for the company. To remain compliant to standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 and BRC, we put Q-Pulse in place.

Rumeet Tanna, Director at General Printers

Ideagen Coruson GRC2020 Award Winner for Innovation in EHS Software Technology


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Monitor, Manage and Measure: Ideagen EHS software solutions for OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001

Our EHS software solutions provide a central framework to manage safety, quality, compliance, risk and operational performance.


  • Control organisational and technical change
  • Plan for hazard identification
  • Engage staff in H&S procedures
  • Prepare for audit and demonstrate compliance
  • Reduce the risk of accidents by implementing a risk-based Occupational Health and Safety
  • Management System (OHSMS)
  • Automatically escalate and manage issues and non-conformances
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