Document redaction software

Protect sensitive data and work as a team with our document redaction software. 


How will a document redaction tool benefit my business?

Redaction software is critical to protecting your business. It ensures that confidential or sensitive information is obscured before you publish to a wider audience.

Our automated redaction software helps you shield data more easily and with faster processes. By automatically tracking and reporting all redaction activity, it ensures companies meet their legal requirements every time.

Improve security and confidentiality

Be confident that sensitive personal and commercial data is hidden.

Minimise legal and commercial risks

Cut the risk of legal action or competitors seeing vital information.

Streamline the document redaction process

Work faster and track redactions more easily with one centralised system.

Get more business oversight

Be confident that all parts of the business are aligned to best practice.

Real-time collaborative environment

Everyone can work on the same PDF document at the same time, wherever they are.

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Categorise by redaction types

Sort by Personal Private Data, Personally Identifiable Data and Commercially Confidential Information.

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Automatic comment capture and suggestions

Save hours of time and improve the accuracy of redactions by cutting out manual processes.

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Automatically generated justification report

Explain the business case for every redaction with reports that need no extra work.

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Control access and visibility

Set tight visibility controls for individuals and teams both internally and externally.

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See our software in action

Learn more about how our software can help with document redaction. 

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