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Document Review and Co-Authoring

Document review is a critical business process. Regulatory authorities and certification bodies require organisations to have a document review process in place to ensure that documents are accurate, complete and up-to-date. In addition, organisations need to make sure that the document review process is controlled and transparent to cut down on the time, effort and cost of producing documents.

But there can often be challenges in putting a document review process in place. Issues with performance, oversight and accountability can all affect the process and, ultimately, the accuracy, integrity and availability of documents.

Control and manage all aspects of the document review process and achieve:

  • Improved operational performance, productivity and efficiency
  • Stronger compliance and business oversight
  • Mitigation of regulatory, legal and commercial risk

Operational Efficiency

With a solution for collaborative document review, all participants work on the same copy of the document at the same time and can see each others’ contributions. This simplifies and streamlines the review process to make reviewing documents quicker and easier for document owners and reviewers and save time, effort and cost.

Compliance and Governance

A collaborative document review environment and specialist functionality helps assure compliance with laws and regulations by standardising and automating the review process. This makes sure that documents comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Regulatory, Legal and Commercial Risk

A solution for collaborative document review increases the transparency of the review process. Making it easier to involve everyone who needs to take part increases the likelihood that documents will be accurate, complete and up-to-date. And by providing a detailed record of all activity on the review, it also ensures full accountability and traceability for auditing purposes and business process improvements.

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