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Document Redaction

Redaction is critical to business in making sure that confidential or sensitive information is obscured so that it cannot be seen. This allows a document with such information to be published or disseminated to a broader audience.

For the majority of organisations, teams are unable to collaborate on the redaction of a document. This includes being able to review proposed redactions or suggest redacted content. As a result, lack of collaboration affects the redaction process and, ultimately, the confidentiality, integrity and availability of documents.

Control and manage all aspects of document redaction and achieve:

  • Improved operational performance, productivity and efficiency
  • Stronger compliance and business oversight
  • Mitigation of regulatory, legal and commercial risk

Redaction and EMA Policy 70

A collaborative document redaction solution can also help life science companies comply with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Transparency Policy 70 on the publication of clinical data.

EMA Policy 70 requires life science companies to redact Personal Private Data (PPD) and Personally Identifiable Data (PID) from documents before being published. Companies may also have to remove some Commercially Confidential Information (CCI), as well as giving the EMA a justification table for each CCI redaction.

As a result, life science companies applying to the EMA have to redact thousands of existing and new documents to very tight deadlines.

A collaborative document redaction solution makes delivering PPD, PID and CCI redacted documents much easier.

Operational Efficiency

With a solution for collaborative document redaction, everyone works on the same PDF document at the same time and it’s easy to see what redactions have been proposed and by whom. This simplifies and streamlines the redaction review process to make redacting documents quicker and easier for document owners and reviewers.

Compliance and Governance

A collaborative document redaction solution helps assure compliance with laws and regulations by automating the redaction review process. By automatically tracking and reporting all redaction activity, it helps companies more easily comply with EMA requirements.

Regulatory, Legal and Commercial Risk

A collaborative solution for document redaction lets you consistently invite everyone to take part in a redaction review who needs to be involved. By making the redaction review process more consistent, it also helps make it more likely that commercial information will stay confidential.

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