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Diagnostic Requesting

As much as 80 per cent of clinical decision making relies on the results of diagnostic investigations. Making sure that diagnostic requests are complete, legible and relevant is vital in getting accurate, reliable and timely results.

As demand for healthcare services continues to rise, the number of requests from GPs and clinicians to imaging services and medical laboratories continues to increase.

And as the number of requests continues to increase, being able to lower the number of unnecessary investigations and increase the number carried out on time and without error is critical.

Manage all aspects of the request process from request to results and achieve:

  • Improved care quality and patient safety
  • Secure and timely access to information at the point of care and
  • Tangible efficiency and productivity gains

Improved care quality and patient safety

A solution for diagnostic requesting can help cut down on the number of errors by improving data quality and quantity, as well as help prevent inappropriate or unnecessary requesting with flexible processing rules.

Such solutions can also support best practice and reduce ad-hoc requesting with pre-defined order sets and you can identify significant trends with cumulative and charting views.

Secure and timely access to information at the point of care

A diagnostic requesting solution can surface all systems used or accessed by the service, including LIMS, PAS and RIS. Highly configurable request forms make sure key clinical information can be captured at point of need and scientists or consultants can review requests when reviewing and authorising results/reports.

Tangible efficiency and productivity gains

With a solution for diagnostic requesting, you can reduce costs by improving efficiency against manual and individual discipline / department requesting and reduce labour costs when processing specimens and requests. Such solutions prevent unnecessary request duplication by optimising demand and enable cross discipline and department requesting on a single order.

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