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Strong Internal Controls for Preventive and Corrective Actions

A Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) capability provides a centralised corporate reporting system for your organisation, bringing with it the ability to prevent problems as well as solve problems quickly and thoroughly to minimise impact and lessen the chance of re-occurrence.

The CAPA management process is closed-loop and suitable for any risk type and non-conformance. A CAPA management solution can include pre-defined standard reports to provide a repeatable process to capture and manage information effectively.

Benefits of a well-implemented CAPA Management Solution

  • Eliminate the costs of poor quality
  • Achieve compliance with standards such as ISO 9001
  • Reduced risk of recurrence through integration with broader QMS
  • Productivity and efficiency through improved communications and management control
  • Faster response to customer complaints and ultimately fewer complaints

Features of Our CAPA Management Solutions

  • User friendly interface to capture non-conformance report
  • Automatic alerts to responsible individuals
  • Extensible to third parties and suppliers
  • Workflow management including review and approval process
  • Root cause analysis and investigation management
  • Reporting and analysis

Q-Pulse provides a centralised corporate reporting system to manage the complete CAPA lifecycle across your organisation. Solve problems quickly and thoroughly to minimise the impact and lessen the chance of re-occurrence.

The key to any CAPA is the input of reliable and accurate data.

To ensure this, our CAPA management solutions provide Wizards and Templates for rapid, accurate data entry as well as providing links to other IT systems to cross reference, authenticate and pre-populate data capture.

Powerful Workflow Engine

Automatically route notifications, reminders, escalations, approvals and closures saving hours of effort chasing people and signatures. Action dates are tracked to conclusion and any actions overdue are dealt with accordingly.

Trending and Analysis capability for management information and metrics

A user-friendly Report Designer is available to draw out the information required. CA/PA in Q-Pulse promotes consistent processes to drive compliance and reduce risk.

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Corrective Action Management for Internal Audit Teams

Audit departments can add value for management by tracking progress on actions to correct control deficiencies.

Pentana has comprehensive features to import and manage actions arising from other systems, making it an ideal choice as an action tracking system for internal audit.

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Manchester Fertility Services implement Q-Pulse to comply with international ISO standards 

In order to improve the quality of their services, and achieve certification to both national and international standards including ISO 9001, MFS required an electronic software solution to assist in the implementation of their quality management system.


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Coruson integrated GRC cloud delivers a comprehensive CAPA management solution.

 Create or view and manage the various dimensions and parameters of a non-conformance and also manage related corrective or preventive actions.

  • Create a new non-conformance
  • View and manage an existing non-conformance
  • Describe the non-conformance and assign key parameters including owner, status and dates
  • Use drop-down menus to provide important descriptors such as root cause and resolution
  • Describe and manage corrective actions
  • Assign and manage follow-up activities including the establishment of preventive barriers

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