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Bid and Proposal Management Software

Simplify your proposal creation process and produce business winning documents more quickly with a secure, web-based and easy to use document review and co-authoring solution.

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Business Benefits

Bid and proposal management is a critical part of winning new business and the quality, consistency and on-time delivery of proposal documents are fundamental to success. For organisations and teams working on complex proposals, the creation and review process can be extremely challenging and very time-consuming.

Our bid and proposal management software solution provides a simple, easy to use and incredibly powerful solution to these problems, helping your team work together efficiently and returning the focus to producing content that wins business.

  • Reduce costs

    Reduce costs associated with proposal creation and review.

  • Produce documentation faster

    Produce documentation faster.

  • Increase team productivity

    Save hundreds of hours and increase team productivity.

  • Higher quality proposals

    Higher quality proposal documentation.

  • Increased confidence

    Increased confidence in the proposal creation process.

  • Meet tight deadlines

    Meet tight deadlines more easily.

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Critical Capabilities

Our market-leading bid and proposal management software solution provides your team with a competitive advantage and helps save time and money.

Keep total control of the proposal creation and review process, receive contributions easily, improve contributor focus and never worry about consolidation or formatting again. Work with your team, in real-time, on a single version of the document wherever you are in the world.

  • Complete Handle Word Excel

    Handle’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Images and more.

  • Full version control

    Full version control.

  • Secure documents

    Secure document access anywhere, anytime from multiple devices.

  • Co-author

    Co-author, edit and review with your team in real time.

  • Total customisability

    Total customisability of the permissions and capabilities of all contributors.

  • Automated progress tracking

    Automated progress tracking and reminders.

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