Operational Resilience:

What we can learn from the Admiral Group’s pandemic response

The Admiral Group’s response to the pandemic is a great example of an organisation being resilient in the face of unexpected risk. In this e-book, we look at how Admiral mitigated the impact of Covid-19. 


What made Admiral’s response so effective?

Risks can be hard to plan for, and the pandemic was no exception. But where many organisations floundered, the Admiral Group were resilient.

This e-book reveals Admiral's action plan, what made their approach successful, and the risk management tools they used.

While Admiral didn’t do anything extraordinary, they did do all the right things. And you can too.

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Download the e-book to learn:

Admiral Group’s Covid-19 action plan

The 3 steps they took to effectively respond to the risk

Why Admiral’s approach was successful

Discover what right things they did leading up to and during the crisis

How Admiral turned risk into opportunity

Learn how to make strategic decisions and find value in emerging opportunities

The power of an enterprise risk management platform

Find out what tools Admiral used to execute their crisis response more easily

Discover the Admiral Group’s pandemic response

Learn from the best. See how Admiral’s risk response helped them to achieve operational resilience.

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