Risk management software

Our risk management software allows you to create accountability and operational efficiency, deliver your risk management programme, strengthen business assurance and compliance and consolidate risk data into a single, integrated system.

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Profile complaints and incidents to easily investigate patterns and avoid recurrence.


Workflows, templates and default actions ensure confident approach to feedback and incidents.


Automatically escalate unresolved complaints to the right people for quick resolution


Linked to Action modules so managers can see plans put in place to improve services.


Record personal details securely and safely


API support to allow custom forms and systems to populate Inform, including web form.

Improve organisational performance

You can reduce time, effort and cost by standardising and automating your processes in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Identify emerging risks and opportunities

Take action quickly and confidently by linking data sources from different modules into powerful dashboards.

Comply with regulations and standards

You can show that you are controlling your processes and verifying their effectiveness with a single integrated system


Create accountability and strengthen business assurance.


Protect your assets and ensure business continuity.


Create and improve a culture of reporting and shared learning.


Strong internal controls for preventive and corrective action.


Manage all vendor related compliance data for ISO and other standards.


Thoroughly manage and resolve customer complaints.


Standardise and automate your document control process.


Improve collaboration and transparency in progressing recommendations with high-level reporting.

Training and Competence

Ensure competency and consolidate training and development records.

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