Your essential guide to the Senior Managers and Certification Regime

To support your organisation with the Senior Managers and Certification Regime, we’ve created a range of helpful resources. Discover how to overcome compliance challenges, future proof your compliance activities with technology, and choose the best software to help you meet SMCR requirements.


A quick introduction to advancing your SMCR compliance

So, your organisation has established compliance with SMCR. How did it go? In our guide, we outline common challenges firms faced when implementing their SMCR compliance. We also provide insight into how technology can make things easier, so that you can ensure your compliance is effective now and in the future.

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SMCR care package

Your ultimate SMCR care package

Our care package has everything you need to transform your SMCR processes. Within the care package, you will find an SMCR survival guide for both HR and Compliance professionals, as well as a step-by-step checklist so you can ensure you’re meeting FCA expectations. We also provide customer insights, so you can see first-hand how technology helps to support compliance.  

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Looking for an SMCR software solution?

Pentana Compliance is our SMCR software, designed to:

  • Assess and evidence accountability
  • Assure competency of all relevant staff
  • Streamline compliance activities
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SMCR e-book

How to choose the best software for you

If you're thinking of moving away from manual processes, our e-book sets out what you should look for in an SMCR solution. Find out how the right software can support you in meeting regulatory requirements, building business agility, and relieving admin pressure on your HR and Compliance teams.

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Proposed changes to the FCA Senior Manager Conduct Rules (SMCR)?

On 21st October 2021, the city regulator proposed to extend the reach of its rules by bringing payments services, electronic money firms and credit rating agencies under the regime. Read our blog to find out more.

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