A hybrid approach to IACG compliance

The deadline for IACG compliance has arrived, and financial institutions in Singapore must be prepared. This e-book recaps the key points of IACG, introduces the need for digital transformation, and explains why FIs must prioritise culture and ethical behaviour. We also explore how collaboration is key in addressing IACG compliance challenges, and how technology can support you.

IACG_LP_ebook 2.png

Key takeaways

IACG explained

A summary of the outcomes, objectives and scope of the guidelines

A period of global change

Insight into the events leading to IACG and the growing need for digitisation

The importance of culture and ethics

How FIs can demonstrate strong, responsible leadership and oversee the right culture

Working collaboratively

Guidance on how business functions can work together to achieve IACG compliance

How technology can help

Combine people with technology to ensure your FI is both compliant and resilient

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