Your Guide to the Individual Accountability and Conduct Guidelines

Compliance with the MAS’s new Individual Accountability and Conduct Guidelines (IACG) doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve put together a range of resources to help you meet IACG and exceed regulatory expectations.  


IACG summarised

What’s IACG all about, anyway? Our infographic summarises the purpose of IACG, as well as which financial institutions will be affected, so that you can get up to speed with the basics of the regulation.  

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Take a hybrid approach to IACG compliance

Our e-book outlines the key things to remember about the new IACG regulation, as well as the importance of digital transformation. Learn how a hybrid approach, which utilises both technology and close collaboration across teams, can help you achieve compliance.

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Find out the consequences of non-compliance

Our infographic reveals: 

  • How¬†FI¬†malpractice¬†led to IACG¬†
  • High profile scandals that shook the industry¬†
  • Forms of enforcement issued by MAS¬†
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How can tech future-proof your compliance?

In our white paper, you will learn how to create and maintain a strong culture of ethics and accountability. We also dive into the benefits of RegTech and explain how the right digital solution can support your compliance for the long-term.  

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Discover our IACG software solution

Pentana Compliance, our IACG solution, is designed to:

  • Help FIs to meet and exceed IACG requirements
  • Evidence accountability to the MAS
  • Protect FIs from the risks of non-compliance
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