Support covid testing in laboratories with quality management software

ISO 15189 is becoming a priority for medical laboratories in the era of Covid-19 to ensure that testing for the virus is as accurate as possible. Our white paper outlines what accreditation means for pathology and laboratories and how to achieve this with the right QMS system.

grid pattern laboratory testing

Key takeaways

The impact on pathology and laboratory professionals

What’s expected of organisations and what you need to do.

Why ISO 15189 is important

The purpose behind the drive for accreditation and how this benefits patients and the general public.

The challenges for laboratories

The factors which may present a problem in being able to work towards accreditation.

Where the quality manager can help

Outlining the importance of the quality manager’s role in meeting this standard and overcoming the challenges.

Why a quality management system solution

Find out what our software can do in seven simple steps.

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