Sydney Airport consolidates safety and security with Q-Pulse

Sydney Airport required an electronic security, quality and safety management solution (SMS) to replace its disconnected legacy systems and enhance its overall ability to maintain governance and manage regulatory requirements. By implementing the product, the status of outstanding actions is more visible at a corporate, business unit and individual level. The Airport increased confidence that its Q-Pulse safety and security management system meets regulatory requirements and helps to identify improvement areas.


• Integration of incident reporting, investigations and auditing into one central system has streamlined SMS workload
• Significant time savings in recording, tracking and managing safety information
• Although using one central database, Safety and Security departments can still operate separately
• As security, quality management and SMS evolves, airport can create, system can be configured as requirements change
• Significant time savings in the collection and analysis of safety data by a number of days per month
• Quick and accurate reporting of information to key stakeholders & government regulators in a professional and co-ordinated fashion

Q-Pulse enables us to quickly and accurately record and report information to key stakeholders and government regulators in a professional and co-ordinated fashion.

Lisa Nunn - Security Systems and Improvement Manager

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