Ideagenโ€™s Pentana Compliance creates traceability and confidence in the SMCR programme for international banking and asset management group

The company first embedded SMCR in 2016 and elected to use existing software applications to manage their obligations. It soon became apparent that the maintenance of the Regime would require a significant amount of management and monitoring that was unsustainable using a manual system. In the two years since implementing Pentana Compliance, the company has integrated the requirements of the SMCR programme into a reliable, easily accessible system.

  • Risk reduction and assurance that SMCR obligations are effectively managed
  • Accurate and up-to-date record keeping for Senior Managers and Certified Persons
  • Time and cost savings around onboarding, assessing, certifying and auditing
  • Efficient processes that provides complete transparency to the Regulator

We are able to show proper, auditable processes to the Regulators, which lessens any kind of regulatory risk or fine and mitigates the risk of PR issues.

- Head of HR Service Delivery

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