Ideagen’s Pentana brings consistency of approach to auditing for BT Group Plc’s Internal Audit team

With a team of around 90 staff, BT Group’s Internal Audit department is responsible for auditing all SOX work as well as controls being used within various parts of its complex global structure. A key function of the business, the team is responsible for internal audit control, with external auditors such as PwC relying on elements of their work when carrying out their own inspections within the BT Group.

Prior to sourcing and then implementing dedicated auditing software to help with the day-to-day running of the department, BT’s team operated their own in-house electronic audit files and audit management software solutions.

However, it was eventually recognised in 2009 that a dedicated software product was required to provide better support, greater functionality and move them into working with modern systems that were in line with industry standards and ever-developing requirements.

Initially implementing a legacy auditing system from Ideagen, known as Pentana Audit Work System (PAWS), BT Group then moved to PAWS’ successor Pentana – a new application built on modern technology and providing a series of enhanced features that PAWS could not provide.


  • Consistency of approach in regards to overall auditing practices – meaning BT’s 12 auditing teams are consistent in workflows & processes
  • Configurability – field names and other areas of terminology can be changed to “speak the language” of the organisation
  • Pentana easily aligns auditing processes of BT with that of industry standards required by the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Migration from Ideagen’s legacy PAWS system to Pentana was “natural progression” for BT, bringing with it enhanced functionality & smoother user experience

The core functionality is excellent. It’s comprehensive in providing a process to follow through your audit steps and milestone dates. This functionality in particular allows us to measure those key events in an audit – an extremely powerful area of the software and one that I haven’t seen in other systems I’ve used.

Mark Snook - Senior IT Internal Auditor
BT Group Plc

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