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Integrating Pentana Risk Inform module with the Council’s Corporate website

Nottingham City Council identified the need for a performance management solution that provided the ability to monitor certain areas to drive improvement. One area identified was monitoring feedback to the council in line with the Council’s Citizen First Transformation Programme, and a key manifesto pledge. This pledge was to ‘Make Nottingham the most citizen friendly council in the country & ensure that when surveyed 95% of people are satisfied with the way they were treated’.

Pentana Risk was already in use at neighbouring Nottinghamshire County Council and its six district Councils to monitor and manage performance under the TotalNotts project. Therefore, the City Council’s performance team was already aware of the Pentana Risk solution and the wealth of modules available not just for KPI management but for a host of other functions which help organisations work towards achieving their corporate goals.

The project team concluded that having the Council’s performance data and citizen feedback consolidated in one system would be the ideal scenario, allowing the council to monitor its performance in line with how satisfied citizens were with the services provided to them. Pentana Risk was identified as being able to provide a unique combined solutions for both those areas.


  • Feedback data can be taken directly from the Council website contact form into their feedback system, helping to ensure consistency and improving data quality
  • Tailored reporting to monitor trends and help the team learn how best to improve services
  • The web form is available via the Council’s intranet which means that any member of staff can log a feedback item at anytime
  • Around 80% of all complaints to the Council now resolved directly by front line staff
  • By embedding the new process the Council are able to provide a consistent approach to citizens

Download the Case Study

As the majority of the form replicates the simplicity of the public web form, the Council did not need to provide any formal training to staff on how to complete it. The intranet form also allows staff to close the item at the first stage. This is a major benefit for the Council, around 80% of all complaints to the Council are resolved directly by front line staff. Prior to the new system most of those complaints would not be recorded. By recording these complaints its ensures all of the feedback information provided is captured and that the frontline staff receive credit for the early resolution and that best practice can be developed following analysis of their actions.

Gary Dawes, Organisational Planning and Performance Manager at Nottingham City Council

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