Ideagen's Q-Pulse is the undercurrent to Scottish Sea Farms' quality and compliance success

Operating in a heavily regulated, billion pound a year industry, Scottish Sea Farms recognised that in order to continue to meet the demands of their global customer base – as well as maintain the quality of their salmon produce – an electronic quality management system would have to be implemented.

The company’s previous system had been causing difficulties, particularly involving information reporting and subsequent trend analysis. The interface of their old system was also clunky and old fashioned, with some manual ways of working still required in regards to customer and external audits and document management.

Scottish Sea Farms implemented Ideagen’s Q-Pulse as its quality management solution, rolling the software out across the business. Since implementation, the company has witnessed great efficiency benefits throughout their operations, particularly in their Action Management, Auditing and Document Control.


  • Reduction in manual admin, paperwork, email and wasted time
  • Faster and easier change management, learning and improvement. They’ve adopted a culture of ‘see it, report it.’
  • Easier compliance and immediate access to the right information during inspections and audits

Q-Pulse has benefited our entire business by helping us streamline certain processes and encouraged us to implement a more structured way of working.

David Anderson - Head of IT at Scottish Sea Farms
Scottish Seafarms

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