Ideagen's Pentana improves Travis County's auditing and risk assessment

As the local governing body for the whole of the county, Travis County is responsible for foundation, operation and maintenance of critical operations within the area. From the building and maintenance of the road structure in the region to the provisions of law enforcement and health and social care, the governing body play a pivotal role in the economic development of the county.

In relation to their work in the physical and financial upkeep of the area, Travis County is required to conduct several audits per year and provide proof of their operations to external assessors. Using a shared internal drive that could be accessed by anyone within the auditing team had posed several issues for Travis County when managing their audits, and particularly historical data.

Since the implementation of Pentana, Travis County has been using the software to perform various quarterly, cyclical, year-end and exit audits – which are a legal requirement for when elected officials leave office. Pentana is also used for risk assessments of County offices.


  • Standardised working in Travis County’s day-to-day auditing operations – not only saving time but creating consistency across audits and offices
  • More targeted audits and reviews can be carried out making their work more efficient, effective, and valuable to the County and the taxpayer
  • Easier to identify and rectify risks to specific offices
  • Locating specific documentation and audit information has been quickened

Pentana has single-handedly removed the issues we were having with our previous, paper-based auditing system. Where before it was difficult to obtain or gain access to the most up to date audit record or simply view a history of a certain office'’'s performance, this has now been rectified electronically in Pentana.

Amanda Muehlberg - Financial Analyst/Auditor
Travis County

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