Grand River Hospital Achieve IQMH Accreditation With Q-Pulse

The Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH), in conjunction with the Ontario government conduct peer assessments for all laboratories licensed in Ontario. To be accredited with a four-year certificate, and be considered a ‘quality’ organization, laboratories in Ontario are required to conform to the IQMH requirements.

The Grand River Hospital is a 567-bed hospital serving Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada, and surrounding communities. They implemented Q-Pulse to ensure that their quality programme met the standards.


  • Provides quick and easy access to SOPs with all controlled documentation accessible from a central repository
  • Provides the ability to track changes and revisions to controlled documentation, together with notification and escalation
  • Increases the likelihood of working from up-to-date documents and lowers the risk of losing important paperwork
  • Q-Pulse can also be used to manage audits, eliminating cumbersome paper trails and allowing assessors to navigate the system themselves in order to find all information required for the inspection

I couldn't imagine doing my job going forward without a system like Q-Pulse.

Leslie Rowbotham - Manager of Preanalytical Services Quality and Continuous Improvement
Grand River Hospital

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