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Elmbridge Borough council transforms online services with Ideagen Easysite

Elmbridge Borough council transforms online services with Ideagen Easysite

In 2014 Elmbridge Borough Council embarked on a five-year vision to create a confident and cohesive community with a thriving local economy and cherished environment, served by quality public services and delivered cost effectively.

As part of this vision, the Council wanted to make a transformational enhancement to their online services, in order to make it easier for all staff to access information and services online, and to facilitate a fundamental shift towards online service delivery for their citizens.


With an improved user experience through Easysite, residents can more easily access digital self-service tools and find up-to-date, relevant and timely information on the website through mobile and tablet devices. Staff can now easily monitor and filter website content to ensure streamlined, consistent and easily searchable information can be presented to their customers, which has improved online services.


  •  Improves online experience for users accessing services on mobile and tablet devices with responsive web design

  • Improves the quality of online service delivery by enabling content filtering through the use of workflows

  • Further enhances the council’s channel shift priorities, in turn enabling increased cost savings

  • Ensures that information available is up-to-date, relevant and timely by improving content monitoring and streamlining


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“Using Easysite has enabled us to modernise our website by presenting a cleaner and clearer website, as well as one that is mobile responsive, allowing our customers and residents to more easily self-serve. “

Mark Hulbert, Business Applications Manager, Elmbridge Borough Council
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