Argenta's Inspection Department benefits from consistent processes & increased performance with Pentana Audit

Following the success of the Pentana auditing software within its Internal Audit and Risk Management departments, Argenta en Verzekeringsgroep turned its attention to transforming the operational performance of its Inspection team using the same software.

With over 500 branches which need to be visited regularly each year, Argenta’s Inspection team was continuously battling issues during each visit, mostly related to their use of a series of manual, paper-based methods.

Argenta’s inspectors are tasked with regularly visiting more than 500 branches. During their visits, they are required to run various tests and document many observations and results. With each inspection lasting just one day, Argenta’s Inspection team has no time to waste.

By implementing Pentana, the paper-based and manual processes which were obstructing inspectors during their on-site reviews, could be removed. Now, the Inspection team uses Pentana to perform inspections of Argenta’s local branches, to document their findings, recommendations and actions electronically in a consistent way and to deliver the outputs in a standardised and easy to consume report. In short, Argenta’s Inspection team’s processes are now solid and consistent while objective measurement is now possible and action follow-up automatic.


  • Audits of local branches and agents are conducted in a consistent way, including findings, recommendations and actions
  • Introduction of a risk library to ensure all risks to the business are being properly assessed and defined
  • Risk ranking provides opportunity to properly scope audits and classify branches as low or high risk
  • Multi-lingual capability assures understanding and ease of communication for Dutch and French speakers in this project
  • Standard reports capture incidents from across the organisation allowing for repetition to be measured in an objective way

Because our inspectors do not have to deal with potential barriers of paper-based systems and processes, our inspections now generate around 50% more output while re-work and other manual tasks have significantly decreased.

Christel Van Camp - Process Manager within the department of Compliance and Integrity

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