Argenta Bank's Internal Audit department benefit from paperless auditing with Pentana Audit

With 1.6 million customers and about 25 audits per year, Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep required a software tool which would modernise their internal auditing, allowing the organisation’s Audit department to become paperless.

As a result of working with several systems previously, including Microsoft Access, Excel and Word, the audit team’s documentation was being stored on a shared network drive, which meant data was often inconsistent, hard to locate and effectively impossible to gauge any valuable analysis or risk assessments from.

Argenta worked with Ideagen’s Belgian partner, Sepia Solutions, to implement and configure Pentana to their exact specifications, resulting in noticeable benefits from the start.


  • Paperless auditing as all audit documentation is kept electronically within the Pentana product with no requirement to store documentation physically
  • Ability to facilitate the review process in an efficient and effective manner
  • Possibility to continuously follow-up on the implementation of audit recommendations
  • Creation of synergies between all control functions within the company
  • Risks identified by one control function can seamlessly be evaluated by another control function

Pentana was the product we chose because, as well as being able to be configured to our exact requirements, it also came with excellent professional support through Ideagen and their local partner, Sepia Solutions.

Ludo Schrijnemakers - Senior ICT Auditor
Argenta Bank

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