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You want to achieve your business objectives efficiently while at the same time managing uncertainty and acting with high integrity. 

Q-Pulse is a software product that has evolved over three decades, incorporating the disciplines of quality, safety and risk management to deliver compliance, brand protection, anticipation of problems, and high operating efficiency to thousands of organisations around the world. 

Our customers include many clinical laboratories that use Q-Pulse to manage quality, compliance and safety, airlines for whom Q-Pulse is the foundation of their safety reporting and management system, and manufacturing firms that use Q-Pulse to manage supply chain, customer feedback, and compliance with a wide range of ISO and other standards. 

Q-Pulse is software that can be installed on-premise or hosted remotely. With help from our professional and technical services teams, it can be customised and integrated with your other line of business systems and can be configured to deliver the solution that maximises your operational and business benefits. 

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