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PatientFirst Product Brochure

Doctors, nurses and reception staff in hospital Emergency Departments (ED) across the globe face many testing challenges on a day-to-day basis. 

From battling patient waiting times to plugging staff shortages, ED staff are continuously under pressure to meet targets while keeping a potentially uncomfortable experience for the patient to a minimum. 

Ideagen’s PatientFirst has been specifically designed to provide effective and efficient support for the treatment of patients throughout the ED cycle. 

The product – coupled with Ideagen’s expertise in working with hospitals in the UK, Europe and beyond – enables doctors, nurses and reception staff to input information quickly and easily, giving instant access to previous attendances as well as relevant and up-to-date patient information. 

PatientFirst conforms to the latest patient charter requirements and can run as a standalone product or interfaced to the hospital’s Patient Administration System (PAS). 

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