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01 January 0001

Top 5 Changes in PleaseReview 6.4


It is here! PleaseReview 6.4. This new release brings with it a host of improvements and functional enhancements and demonstrates Ideagen’s continuing commitment to bringing the best possible solutions to its customers. The improvements and additions in this release are based directly on customer feedback and are driven by a desire to solve their problems as effectively as possible.

So what are these changes? Well the first thing you are likely to notice when you log in to the new version of PleaseReview is that it has had a little lick of paint. We have spent time updating and modernising the user interface to improve the user experience. It is also designed to align the in product experience with the rest of the customer experience. This is an important change for Ideagen but it doesn’t make our top 5 list so let’s get on to the other changes:


Improved co-authoring experience

Not only has PleaseReview had a lick of paint but we have also made functional improvements to the user experience when co-authoring documents in PleaseReview. These changes should make the user experience far more intuitive and also increases consistency across the review process by removing the distinction between Review Zones and Edit Zones. Review owners will now have more control over who can do what, and where, and it will be easy for co-authors to contribute efficiently.


Improved Word integration

We have made significant improvements to the integration between PleaseReview and Word in several key areas. Comments and changes made in Word with track changes will now be fully displayed in PleaseReview with all the associated functionality of a PleaseReview comment / change.

The second part of this improvement is around the handling of attached documents in PleaseReview comments. These documents will now be embedded within the final document once downloaded.


Improved PDF review performance

PleaseReview is now able to handle large PDF documents much more easily. There has also been improvements to the placement of comments in a PDF review to ensure that regardless of orientation or size of page the comments will always be easily visible. These changes should significantly improve the ease and simplicity of PDF reviews in PleaseReview.


Capacity Assignment

Review participants can now be assigned a unique ‘capacity’ visible to other reviewers. There are numerous possibilities for how this can be used and it is entirely customisable but for example, a reviewer could be assigned a capacity of ‘legal’ or similarly ‘final approver’ etc. Regardless of how you decide to use it this functionality adds clarity for all reviewers as to the function and responsibility of the other participants involved in a review.


Review opinion or approval

As well as being able to assign a capacity to reviewers it is now also possible to allow reviewers to give an opinion on a review within PleaseReview. In doing so this should improve the workflow of reviews and help gather consensus on a document. It will also be displayed in the reconciliation report and adds an additional layer of robustness to the review workflow.


These top 5 improvements are not all that version 6.4 has to offer but we think these key changes combine to provide significant benefits to PleaseReview users. We hope you agree and if you want to find out more about how to upgrade to the latest version please get in touch. And as always, we think this new version is great but we are always happy to hear what you think. Let us know what you think about the changes, let us know how you are making use of the new features and let us know what you think would be the next great feature or improvement that would help you.

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