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15 August 2017

Q-Pulse Mobile Success Story: 'One and Done'

By Hannah Waugh

When you ask a Q-Pulse customer what they like about our quality management software, how easy the system is to use always comes up. User adoption of Q-Pulse never seems like a battle. As standards like ISO 9001:2015 demand company-wide engagement with quality and quality leaders to take more of an active role in business decisions, it's comforting that a champion and a piece of software is all that's needed to take that all important first step.

Adding the mobility and flexibility of Q-Pulse Mobile takes the business transformation to the next level. Q-Pulse was one of the first QMS to have mobile apps, originally released as three separate Doc, Audit and Reporting apps. Each year more users are adopting Q-Pulse Mobile, which is today available as a single app.

In the last 12 months the use of Q-Pulse apps has exploded, as the infographic shows:

  • 236,625 documents viewed
  • 705,751 audit questions answered
  • 22,200 photo evidence added
  • Across iPhone, iPad and 137 different Android devices

One and Done

One thing we really love is that you can raise non-conformances and observations directly from the checklist module on the tablet.” – Chris Todd, Quality Assurance Manager, Duke University Medical Center.

The Q-Pulse app makes quality and compliance work easier. Tedious tasks like filling in forms, transcribing reports and hunting down paper work are replaced so time is only spent on valuable tasks. It’s hard to engage people in quality when their only involvement is administration. 

Instead of administration, Q-Pulse app users are playing a vital role in making their company better. They are:

  • Collaborating with colleagues across the globe on important projects
  • Sharing latest company quality and performance statistics in meetings with colleagues and key stakeholders
  • Reporting incidents without the blockade of taking a concern to their manager face to face
  • Checking the latest product specifications before the big customer meeting
  • Progressing actions and approvals while travelling and away from the office
  • Carrying out audits in real time with no paperwork needed.

Q-Pulse is with users wherever they are doing their work instead of locked in the corner of the office as an afterthought. The work is done, recorded on the app and that’s it. One and done.

Quality Managers are increasingly on the move, rolling out the QMS and driving improvement across multiple sites. Q-Pulse Mobile maintains their control wherever they may be. Q-Pulse Mobile naturally involves everyone so Quality Managers’ can oversee the important projects without having to personally chase actions.

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Ideagen’s Q-Pulse Audit for iPad application lets the team at Inaer reduce their paper load and has helped us achieve our ‘zero accidents’ target.” José Esteve Fernández De Córdova, Safety & Quality Director, Inaer

If you’re ready to see how the Q-Pulse mobile app could transform your business request a demo.

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