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17 July 2017

From Windows to web, developing the next generation of Q-Pulse

by Stephen Manderson

In the fast-moving world of technology, the expectations of what a modern software application should offer are ever increasing. 

As Ideagen aims to be at the forefront of these global technology trends, we began developing a web based version of our flagship quality, safety and risk management solution, Q-Pulse. 

Since it’s kick off, the windows to web project has been extensive and has required a large scaling up of the development team dedicated to Q-Pulse. Due to the advanced and exciting nature of the project, our new recruitment has brought to Ideagen some of the best new talent in the development market place. 

This blog will cover the main benefits of Q-Pulse’s web experience and explain what it will bring to the thousands of Q-Pulse users around the world.

User Experience (UX)

As a Team Lead for the Q-Pulse development team working on this project, one of our main focuses was user experience (UX) and UX design. Having a positive experience when using modern software applications is no longer a luxury but an expectation. As developers, we fully appreciate this and wanted to develop a rich and immersive experience which users would take joy in using. Considering the end user perspective at each stage of the project was therefore paramount to my team and was backed up by extensive stages of validation. 

My team have worked closely with Ideagen’s dedicated product design team with regards to the UX design aspects of the project. The primary goal of my team is to deliver the functionality of Q-Pulse whereas the product design team’s focus is user perspective and creating a stylish and easy to use application. The product design team’s extensive experience and knowledge has helped us to drive and define our internal living style guide ‘Groove’ which is the backbone for Ideagen’s suite of products. 

One key benefit of Q-Pulse’s web journey is development for modern browsers including Chrome, Edge and the latest versions of Internet Explorer. The ability to use Q-Pulse across a wide range of modern browsers brings with it a range of benefits to our developers. By using modern development practices this enables us to develop in line with industry best practice and ever evolving technology advances – something that is exciting to those of us in the world of software!


Another benefit that Q-Pulse for the web will bring is a host of performance improvements to the system. To improve the overall application performance and to support the delivery of a new web application, we have taken steps to deliver an entirely new API layer. In doing so we have taken a different approach to how we are developing Q-Pulse. We are no longer focussing on large, combined data transactions that are acceptable in a windows application, but instead focussing on individual command based communications which ensures all transactions are lightweight and only return the information required by the user. 

From a front-end perspective, through Angular 2 (a development platform for building web applications) Q-Pulse will be pre-compiled and modularised resulting in small bundle sizes. For the user, this means less time spent waiting for the application and pages to load.


Q-Pulse will now offer a new industry standard secure token service (STS) for simple daily log in. This will allow the possibility for us to integrate with other identity providers in the future. 

The use of Angular 2 along with various techniques such as Ahead of Time (AOT) complication provides Q-Pulse with the security of a modern web application framework. This brings to the system several security benefits, mainly given the fact the system is compiled, as the name suggests, ahead of time therefore the system is harder to hack and/or manipulate. Q-Pulse’s original authorisation for security groups and permissions will still apply within the Web application however they will be further supported by the API layer which will validate all requests. 


By moving Q-Pulse from windows to the web, Ideagen offers users a rich immersive experience that we hope they will take pride in using. Internally we are excited to wave in the new generation of Q-Pulse not only as it enables us, as software developers, to work with modern technology every day in our development roles but also as it will enhance the UX, security and performance offerings to the thousands of Q-Pulse users around the world. 

If you would like to know more about Q-Pulse features and functionality visit our product page

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