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M&S Supply Chain Quality Management
19 January 2017

Benchmark yourself against other Quality Managers

by Jennifer Sillars

Those of us in the quality and compliance business enjoy control. Proper processes and documentation ensure things are done properly. We track the important activities and continually improve. An audit trail exists so you can be confident that even if something goes wrong, you will catch it. 

The supply chain complicated things. Whether you are under pressure as a supplier yourself or having to rely on third parties, you have less control. This makes your quality processes and control even more important.

To help you focus on what is important Ideagen have produced Best Practices in Supply Chain Quality Management 2017.

M&S infographic Key Suppliers.JPG
14% of organisations do not identify key suppliers

Seven best practices with highly practical tips. The tips will help you quickly implement best practices within your business. 

This isn’t just a report, it is also a survey. By taking part you will be given information on how other companies are handling supply chain quality management.

  • Are supplier non-conformances managed efficiently?
  • How easy is their on-boarding process?
  • Are they making use of mobile technology for better audits?
  • Do they take a proactive risk-based approach?
  • And more


Benchmark yourself against other Quality Managers.

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