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M&S Supply Chain Quality Management
08 February 2017

Benchmark yourself against other Supply Chain Managers

by Jennifer Sillars

Supply chain management is a juggling act. One ball that can’t be dropped is quality.

As a Supply Chain Manager you want to be able to trust that your suppliers are supplying the right product to you. Produced to the right specification, delivered on time and a good price.

The reality is that even the best laid plans can go wrong. The proactive Supply Chain Manager utilises technology and builds relationships. This is best practice. It helps you minimise risk.

Investment in Technology for Supply Chain Efficiency

CPOs investing in technology.JPG

Ideagen has collated seven Best Practices in Supply Chain Quality Management 2017 to help you focus on what is important. This isn't just a report, it is also a survey. By taking part you will be given information on how other companies are handing supply chain quality management.

  • Do they take a proactive risk-based approach?
  • How easy is their on-boarding process?
  • Is performance data used in contract negotiations?
  • And more


Benchmark yourself against other Supply Chain Managers.

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