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Best practice in supply chain quality management
25 January 2017

2017 Manufacturer’s Guide: Supply Chain Quality Management

by Jennifer Sillars

Manufacturers are under pressure to deliver higher quality products, faster and at a lower cost. At the same time supply chains are becoming more difficult to manage.

The High Cost of Supply Chain Disruption

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Read Ideagen’s Best Practices in Supply Chain Quality Management 2017. Seven practices that will help quality professionals, operations managers, supply chain managers and auditors save time. 

Each of the best practices are accompanied by practical steps that you can take to implement improvements quickly.

A preview of the report:

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Risk management pervades ISO 9001:2015 and will be a feature in future standards. While audits can hopefully catch issues before they impact the business and managing non-conformances can minimise impact, a risk-based approach to supply chain management allows you to act proactively. 

Practical steps you can take to implement risk-based thinking:

  • Risk-rate and performance monitor individual suppliers and track the risk profile of the entire supply chain. 
  • Set risk-based reviews and manage the frequency of reviews in proportion to the level of risk: more risk, more reviews. 
  • Provide self-service reviews and surveys to suppliers.

Best Practices Make You Resilient

Terex Trucks have been early adopters of supply chain quality management best practices. Amongst the benefits of harnessing technology and engaging key people is increased resilience.

“ [Our QMS] allows us to be able to rapidly react to changing business needs, such as changes and configuration tweaks to our production processes. This in turn makes us an agile organisation and enable us to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs. We feel that we are able to cope with any challenge put before us whether it be operationally or regulatory.” 

Martin Dolan, Quality Manager at Terex Trucks.

Find out how you can adopt Supply Chain Quality Management Best Practices.

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