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04 April 2017

9 Key features of Coruson, aviation enterprise cloud safety software

By Stephen McCabe

Ideagen is delighted to announce it has launched Ideagen Coruson – we have rebranded our enterprise safety management and incident reporting software.  Coruson helps large enterprises in aviation manage all incidents and risks.

Our safety solution improves efficiency and productivity as well as managing safety and increasing incident reporting.

Coruson helps manage quality and allows organisations to comply with standards and regulations in the aviation industry.  Our solution can help manage change and achieve strategic objectives for management teams.

Here are the 9 key features of enterprise cloud safety software, Coruson:

1)    Action Management

Giving accountability in the way you manage your responses to occurrences. Track progress – assign action – track dates – stay on top of your mandatory requirements


2)    Document control and policy management

Complete access to latest versions of critical manuals eg ground ops manual, aircraft manuals, and customer service manuals – linked within one system. Makes acknowledgement of change/distribution/ revision etc traceable and simple. No more paper read and sign.

3)   Incident management and reporting including smart forms

Improve your organisations reporting culture with easily accessed, mobile and timely reporting. Our smart forms make it easy for Tech crew, cabin crew, ground ops – to report problems and incidents anywhere.

4)   Audit management

Coruson will help make sure you are ready for audit from your regulator, due to its audit management module. 

5)   Operational Risk Management (ORM) including bowtie visualisation

Risk based oversight. Link your safety management to your risk analysis and gain the insights you need to evaluate where risks are being tested.


6)    Change control

We all know that aviation is a process of continuous improvement. Every report is a learning opportunity and the integrated nature of Coruson ensures every action/change can be accounted for and held centrally and made visible by means of its permissions and security controls.

7)  Business intelligence, analysis and dashboards

Pull reports to ensure all levels of organisations can analyse safety performance. Helps staff meet their compliance obligation of being aware of safety performance and can identify areas of concern/focus

8)   Configurable to your unique organisational processes and requirements

Coruson can be specialised to your business requirements allowing your organisation to grow with your safety solution


9)    Remote and mobile access via browser or native app very beneficial for an aviation workforce  

Allows anytime reporting whether a fault or accident occurs in the cockpit, runway or non-airside areas.  Incidents can be reported immediately.

Discover how Coruson gives you complete control, visibility and real-time reporting of every single aspect and detail of emerging risk in your organisation to increase operational excellence, competitive advantage and promote a safer workplace. 

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