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26 July 2018

Are you ready for AS9100 Rev D? Plan for the transition now

By Jane Murdoch

With the transition deadline for RevD being September 2018, there is an increased pressure on organisations planning to upgrade.  Change to Rev D is mandatory, this transition isn’t best practice but compulsory for your organisation.  The smart thing to do is start preparing as soon as you can and create a roadmap for seamless transition.  So, if you haven’t already done so, I would start to plan with your team and wider stakeholders.

I speak to customers and colleagues each day and find a lot of organisations are looking for help on how to implement changes, they understand the importance of the transition to Rev D but don’t know the best approach.  Many organisations seek advice online, however, it can be quite difficult to find concise information, as most of the access you will find ultimately turns into a Sales Pitch, but there are some great information sites out there that can be of assistance. One site I found informative and hugely entertaining was Oxenbridge.  Founder Christopher Paris, knows his stuff, he doesn’t mince his words and at the same time provides very helpful Information.

When planning your AS9100 Rev D transition these 5 questions are a good starting point

1.     What stage are you at with your transition? What Management system are you using and is it adequate?

2.    How is your organisation going to use the timescales wisely? How do you plan on preparing?

3.    Accountability lies with top Management, and yes you can delegate the work, however, you will need to be organised and show understanding, so you are able to demonstrate the process?

4.    Who will be the transition champion within the business, do they have the right experience?

5.    How are you going to manage the change, not just now, but ongoing?

Whilst the technical changes can be done fairly quickly, the cultural change and importantly, the management of the change/s will require more time and effort.  Getting the right SMS system in place will have a positive impact.  You have to make sure you can pull data, KPIs, CA/PAs/NCRs, Reports, identify risks in advance, risk assess your supply chain, identify unseen costs in the supply chain, deal with project overruns, ensure training and competency levels have been reached, the list goes on.

Your AS9100 Rev D planning should include these five points:

1.    Ensure there is a suitable SMS system in place to accommodate this change.

2.    Know what is expected of you and your management team, set clear objectives, meet regularly, ensure objectives are met.  

3.    Get the right team on board to assist, internally and externally. Make sure they adopt understanding and can articulate the value to others.

4.    Start to audit against the standard now in preparation.

5.    Provide an easy way to interact with your Supply chain.  Have the ability to communicate with them effectively, have a tool to capture full audit trail on any communication. Ask your supply chain to self-audit online. Capture root cause of issues, run analysis on unseen costs in the supply chain and project overruns.


One thing is clear, you want uniformity and have a management system in place that will accommodate your transition to AS9100 Rev D.  Ideagen’s SMS solution, Q-Pulse can provide you with the Scope AS9100 Rev D which will allow you to start auditing against the standard now. 


If you want to discuss how we can embed Q-Pulse for you to meet your deadline, get in touch, we will be more than happy to help.

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