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10 March 2016

[Infographic] Protecting and Growing the Value of your Organisation starts with risk-based Internal Auditing software

By Tom Ryan

Safeguarding your organisation could be a tough challenge, particularly when it comes to internal auditing and juggling multiple concerns about compliance, strategic business risk, resources and technology.

A survey from the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) reports that the internal audit profession is still evolving, embroiled in expanding compliance and regulatory requirements while also being faced with rapidly advancing technology and increasing demands to look more comprehensively at strategic and operational risks.

The power of Pentana, Ideagen's risk-based internal auditing software, has no boundaries.

From increasing productivity through to delivering significant return on investment and beyond, technology can make a real impact on your organisation’s performance.

Protect and grow the value of your company with the right audit management tools that instantly deliver real benefits.

Pentana INFOGRAPHIC_v3(1)-1.png
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