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22 August 2017

Holiday Checklist

By Tina Whitington

It is holiday season again, although the British weather would suggest otherwise, and as I prepare to go on holiday with the family I reminisce of the holidays pre-husband and children when all I had to worry about was packing my passport.

Now, it is four passports, various items of clothing for four people for fourteen days (and the necessary backups for when the kids inevitably spill juice or ice cream), enough Factor 50 to cover a small football team, electronic tablets, chargers, portable DVD player, DVDs, batteries, the essential pack of playing cards, headphones, pain relief tablets, insect repellent, sweets and treats for the flight, favourite teddys the list goes on.

As the years go by I am getting smarter with this process and have created a checklist in my head, which admittedly changes slightly each year as the kids get older and the holiday destinations change. However, imagine I had software that would allow me to write the checklist each year in advance....

– I could share the checklist with the family, giving each of them access to the lists that apply only to them. The lists would, of course, be available on all their electronic gadgets where they could search for their name and select the outfits, gadgets and toys they wanted to take with them. There is no doubt that the pre-holiday stress I experience each year would quickly disappear.

Financial accountants and auditors face a similar situation every time they prepare a set of financial statements as they need to ensure they have included all relevant disclosures.  Within Pentana Disclose, I have authored our checklists to ensure they cover UK GAAP, IFRS, UK legislation and all the SORPS and accounts directions. The checklists can be shared with multiple sign off levels to facilitate a full review. By implementing Pentana Disclose financial accountants and auditors have the assurance that when preparing their financial statements all relevant disclosures have been checked and acknowledged.

Ideagen has recently released Pentana Disclose V4 bringing you new features for completing your Financial Disclosure Checklist, including a user-friendly layout, an online user guide, improved search options and the ability to approve checklists internally before rolling out.

For more information on how Pentana Disclose can take the stress out of preparing your financial statements download our flyer today.


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