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27 September 2017

Covalent becomes Pentana Performance

By Jennifer Sillars

Ideagen is a company that acquires business with strong IP. Covalent, the cloud-based performance and risk management software, joined the Ideagen portfolio through one of these acquisitions in August 2016. 

Pentana and Covalent both improve operational performance, strengthen governance and safeguard the reputation of the organisations using them. So it makes sense for us to align both products under a single brand. We have decided, therefore, that this brand will be Pentana.

Pentana Performance logo

What is happening?

As of 27th September, Covalent will be rebranded as Pentana Performance. This will be brought under the new Pentana Assurance Suite, which will extend to a number of products: Pentana Audit, Pentana Performance and Pentana Disclose.

There is no functional change to the product or service for existing customers of any of these products. The products will remain separate and stand-alone but with some useful points of integration down the line for those customers that use more than one of them. For customers who only use one of the Pentana products, the change will be limited to a product brand name change and some cosmetic changes in product (colour palette).

Why is this happening?

Because of Ideagen’s commitment and confidence in both Covalent and Pentana. This is a forward-thinking step aimed at:

  • Strengthening Covalent’s position using the already well known Pentana brand
  • Adding functional richness in business assurance, corporate compliance and oversight to Pentana brand
  • Consolidating efforts to create a functionally complete market leading internal audit, compliance and oversight software suite
  • Fitting with Ideagen’s policy of building strong product brands with high revenues
  • Increasing clarity and simplicity for the brand positioning, the portfolio and the customer journey.

Organisations increasingly require a solution that covers audit, policy, risk, control and performance management. Ideagen offers this solution with Covalent and Pentana. As the shared customers of these two products grow, Ideagen needs to stay responsive to the needs of this market by aligning the management of these products. This will allow us to more easily share customer experiences and requirements, and develop a roadmap that logically addresses these needs without duplication.

As an offering to new customers, the Pentana Assurance Suite provides a simple and powerful solution to meet these corporate compliance needs.

Why a product suite?

Although the combination of Pentana Performance and Pentana Audit offer the ‘functional completeness’ referenced above, both products are strong in their own right and have a loyal customer base. The concept of a product suite maintains the independence of each product while allowing the alignment and possible future integration points that will improve the experience for customers utilising both products. 

This product suite combines the strengths of Pentana Audit for audit and detailed risk and control assessments with the overall management functions of performance indicators, strategic risk, policies, appraisals and dashboard reporting within Pentana Performance.

What if I want to know more?

There is a wealth of resources within the respective product pages: Pentana Performance, Pentana Audit and Pentana Disclose.

If you are an existing customer of either product please contact your account manager. For all other enquiries

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