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CPD Accredited

First Aid Refresher Course

Ensure first aiders are up to speed with their skills

This First Aid Refresher course provides a reminder of the core principles and skills required for basic first aid. It tops up first aiders’ knowledge, helping to boost their confidence and put them in the best position to act quickly and appropriately in the event of a workplace incident.  

Learning outcomes

Discover the key points of knowledge your staff will gain

Reinforce previous learnings 

Maintain basic first aid skills 

Learn of any changes to procedure 

Learn useful acronyms for remembering the order of first aid processes 

Feel renewed confidence in knowledge of how to act in a variety of situations 

Put learnings to test


Realise the benefits e-learning will bring to your organisation

Free online management system for easy reporting and organisation of training

Cost-effective way of ensuring first aiders are up-to-speed and best positioned to protect colleagues in the event of an incident

Users don't have to go offsite or take longer than an hour to complete course

Users can complete course at the own pace and go back to a saved point at a later date

Provides automatic email reminders to prompt users to finish course

Police-approved secure platform with hourly data backups encrypted with AES-256 encryption

Test reinforces knowledge and provides measurable data

Interactive, immersive visual learning

Easy-to-digest information

Peace-of-mind for employers

Potentially improve the chances of effective first aid being delivered


Certification by external professional bodies

Our First Aid Refresher course is CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited. Make a commitment to your professional development to keep your skills and knowledge fresh and up to date.


Find out what this course will cover

Introduction to first aid

Managing the situation



External bleeding and shock

Take the test

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