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Document review, co-authoring and redaction software.

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Ideagen PleaseReview is a document review, co-authoring and redaction software application that helps you to control and manage all aspects of the document creation and review process, delivering:

  • Improved operational performance, productivity and efficiency
  • Stronger compliance and business oversight
  • Mitigation of regulatory, legal and commercial risk

Enterprise Collaborative Document Review, Co-Authoring and Redaction Software

Document production is often a collaborative process involving multiple internal and external reviewers and authors. This can lead to frustration and confusion with multiple document versions, challenges with Microsoft Word tracked changes or PDF annotation, as well as managing email trails, multiple review meetings and conference calls across geographies and time zones.

Ideagen PleaseReview enables simultaneous, parallel and offline review and co-authoring by multiple participants, wherever they are. All accepted comments and changes are automatically incorporated into the master document, removing the need to copy and paste. Everyone working on the same single document ensures it is an efficient and transparent process that significantly reduces the costs associated with document review.

Document Review Software
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PleaseReview Collaborative Document Co-Authoring, Review and Redaction

Key Features

Real-Time Collaboration Icon

Real-time collaborative environment
Secure Accessability Icon

Secure internal and external document access via mobile device and offline
Multi Format Icon

Review documents in their original format

(Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, RTF, Images, etc.)
Automatic Comments Capture Icon

Automatic capture of comments, suggested changes and discussion threads
Control Collaboration Icon

Control collaboration within the document, such as who can do what to where
Provide Feedback Icon

Provide feedback to reviewers when accepting or rejecting comments and merge accepted changes into the document

Key Benefits

  • Make it easy for teams to work together
  • Simultaneously work on the same document at the same time, on or offline
  • Better teamwork – reviewer behaviour is modified as reviewers’ comments are more public, resulting in more ‘thoughtful’ comments
  • Reduce review costs by 35% on average
  • Achieve faster turnaround – cut down the number of review cycles as well as the number of duplicate comments
  • Keep everyone focused, resulting in fewer mistakes and better document quality – let everyone focus on the content of a document, rather than formatting, process or tool
  • Shorten project timescales – reduce review times by up to 65%
  • Minimal review cycle management required – once the review is set up, management is performed by the system
  • Let reviewers know when anyone makes changes to their comments or suggestions
  • Higher quality documents
  • Be audit ready – give auditors all the information they need, including who suggested what, why and when

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