Features of Pentana Disclose

Pentana Disclose’s auditable checklists contain all the relevant content to ensure financial statements are compliant.

Intelligent tailoring  

Take key information about the characteristics of an entity and use expert rules to determine which disclosures are required.

Advanced filtering and search 

Show areas such as unanswered questions and problem answers. The search function can be used to locate questions

Global scope  

Utilise UK, International and US checklists authored by industry experts.

Time saving 

Re-use checklists with different tailoring for another entity, while still retaining the information for the previous entity.

Complete traceability 

Perform reviews at each stage of the checklist. Add comments to questions to create an audit trail.

Roll Forward  

Save aspects of the disclosure checklist for use in subsequent periods.

Per-section answering 

Allow multiple people to work on disclosure at the same time.


Add security to particular clients to restrict access to certain users.

Dedicated authoring

Checklists are authored by Ideagen’s experienced professional expert.

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