Localised regulatory compliance

Our competency management software has been specifically designed to help businesses operating in the financial industry to meet accountability and competency requirements worldwide. This includes SMCR (Senior Managers and Certification Regime) in the UK and the IAC guidelines (Individual Accountability and Conduct) in Singapore.

Meet IAC guidelines for financial institutions in Singapore

The MAS Individual Accountability and Conduct guidelines (IAC) are a requirement for every financial institution (FI) regulated by the MAS. Pentana Compliance helps to meet the five outcomes expected by the regulator.

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Define expectations

Clearly identify what a senior manager’s specific responsibilities are

Assess comptency

Ensure and evidence that senior managers are fit and proper to carry out their role and be held accountable for the conduct of the business and their employees

Establish structure

Have clearly defined support and management framework for carrying out these responsibilities and managing reporting lines

Assure suitability

Ensure material risk personnel are suitably qualified for their roles and follow the correct governance and conduct standards

Positive culture

Promote a framework for professional and desirable conduct throughout the financial institution

Comply with SMCR in the UK

SMCR is the Senior Managers and Certification Regime for UK based financial organisations as set by the FCA. The regulation was put in place to ensure that firms uphold good conduct and have an appointed senior manager with the appropriate responsibilities and level of accountability.

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Adhere to expected standards

Senior managers are fit and proper for their roles and approved by the FCA

Define responsibilities

Statements of responsibility are in place which detail everything the senior manager is responsible and accountable for

Follow code of conduct

An appropriate code of conduct is put in place and promoted throughout the organisation which all employees are expected to adhere to

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