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Clinical Workflow Management Software.

Ideagen Dart is a clinical workflow and medical records management solution that:

  • improves patient care quality and safety
  • provides secure and timely access to information at the point of care and
  • delivers tangible productivity gains

Enterprise Clinical Workflow and Medical Records Management Solution

Information collected throughout the patient journey can help to improve clinical effectiveness and efficiency, but too often it’s stored in multiple, disconnected systems.

Ideagen Dart is a flexible, extensible software product with multiple capabilities that deliver clinical applications out of the box including:

  • emergency department management
  • order communications
  • medical records
  • clinical portal

From pre-admission to discharge, Ideagen Dart helps you:

  • Track patients from point of arrival at hospital until departure
  • Request diagnostic, screening or monitoring tests and view results
  • Scan and index paper documents for digital storage and retrieval
  • Manage medical records, forms and workflows electronically
  • Access information from any clinical system or database

Key Features

  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • Streamlined access to patient records
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Open application programming framework allows trusts’ own technical teams to develop custom tiles, banners and viewers
  • Comprehensive patient search
  • Mobile enabled
  • Intelligent graphical timeline
  • Seamless integration with remote systems
  • Patient context between multiple systems and data sources
  • Highly secure, resilient and scalable

Key Benefits

  • Unified view of patient data means users don’t have to log onto multiple systems
  • Unmatched flexibility allows customers to configure the system without requiring supplier involvement
  • Use of configurable dashboards supports and enhances clinical processes
  • Security and user authorisation ensures protection of clinical data
  • Development using cutting edge technology results in lower total cost of ownership, supports future enhancements and smoother updates
  • Ensures patient and staff safety through the management of allergies and alerts
  • Scalability allows customers to roll the system out beyond traditional boundaries
  • Intuitive user interface requires minimum amount of user training and aims to ensure that users want to use the system
  • Providing quicker access to patients’ clinical information to allow staff to provide more effective care
  • Form and workflow builders to rapidly author, preview and publish electronic forms
  • Provide relevant information, for the patient and their care provider, at the point of care

Contact us today to find out how you can improve patient experience and the quality and safety of care with Ideagen Dart.

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