Ideagen Covalent is cloud-based performance management software that provides complete, real time visibility and control of every aspect of strategic and operational performance and risk in your organisation.

  • Control and improve strategic and operational performance
  • Meet targets and achieve objectives
  • Comply with regulations and standards
  • Anticipate problems and opportunities

Tactical and Strategic Benefits Covalent brings to organisations:

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Improve Organisational Performance

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Increase Operational Efficiency

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Deliver Productivity Benefits & Cost Savings

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Complete Performance Management Via KPIs

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Manage Risk

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Assure Compliance With Internal & External Standards

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Safeguard Company Reputation

Covalent’s Feedback module helps Nottingham City Council increase citizen satisfaction and achieve organisational improvement and learning

Covalent features a seamlessly integrated suite of modules which include:

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Performance Module

Map corporate business objectives and link KPIs to track achievement through real-time reporting.

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Risk Module

Identify and prioritise all enterprise-wide risk lifecycles and optimise internal controls and mitigation.

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Actions Module

Proactively manage a portfolio of projects and action plans to meet tight deadlines.

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Complaint & Feedback Module

Streamline all customer feedback, complaints and information requests from start to finish.

Policies Module Icon

Policies Module

Minimise risk of non-compliance through internal policy communication and acknowledgement.

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Compliance Module

Quickly and easily assess organisational compliance statuses against regulatory frameworks.

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Audit Module

Automate the entire audit lifecycle, assess the effectiveness of internal controls and assist with actioning recommendations.

Incidents Module Icon

Incidents Module

Record, profile, assign and investigate all adverse events, and minimise the risk of incident recurrence.

Employee Performance Module Icon

Employee Performance Module

Improve employee performance and create a more effective and motivated workforce aligned with business objectives.

Covalent helps WM Housing Group streamline their policy management process

Complete Performance Management

Covalent provides functional completeness for performance and risk management to help achieve corporate strategic KPIs through supporting the full performance management cycle.

Real-time performance and risk monitoring offers greater visibility of operational governance, which encourages users to be proactive in controlling and minimising the risks that they are responsible for. A complete view of operational risk and performance provides both clarity and control to everybody within the organisation, from the end user to the board of directors.


"Covalent provides a single version of the truth by integrating data from back office and third party systems and so delivers clarity, control and the ability to make the right decisions with the right data."

Jonn Farr, Covalent Product Manager

Discover how Covalent can provide your organisation with complete performance and risk management

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