The challenge inherent in going paperless is not so much the digitisation of historic medical records, but more the transformation of clinical work processes from paper-based to digital.

CCIO’s and hospital IT directors need modern, user friendly systems that make it easy for clinicians to adopt new working practices and engage directly with IT systems, rather than through the medium of the scanning bureau. dartPortal puts all clinical systems into a user friendly client interface that clinicians want to use.

Key Features

  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • Mobile enabled
  • Secure, resilient and scalable
  • Streamlined access to patient records
  • Seamless integration
  • Developed using cutting edge technology
  • Infinitely configurable
  • Maintains patient context between multiple systems and data sources
  • Comprehensive patient search
  • Includes a full audit trail

Ideagen Portal is a web based Clinical Portal / Content Viewer that provides secure access to a unified view of a patient’s clinical information through seamless integration with an unlimited number of disparate source systems such as:

  • Diagnostics (Pathology, Radiology,
  • Cardiology, Physiological Measurements)
  • Theatres, Endoscopy, Ophthalmology
  • A&E
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Digital dictation voice recognition
  • Order communications
  • eHandover
  • Ward/task management
  • eRostering
  • Human Resources
  • In house systems/databases

What Ideagen Portal can do

  • Unified view of patient data means users don’t have to log onto multiple systems
  • Configure the system without requiring supplier involvement
  • Use of configurable dashboards supports and enhances clinical processes
  • Security and user authorisation ensures protection of clinical data
  • Modern technology results in lower total cost of ownership, supports future enhancements and smoother updates
  • Scalability allows customers to roll the system out beyond traditional boundaries
  • Intuitive, attractive user interface minimises training and encourages adoption
  • Quicker access to clinical information allows staff to provide more effective care

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