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Q-Pulse® QMS

Q-Pulse is a quality management software solution. It provides a central, securely accessible location to hold all important documents which are managed through a series of modules to support your quality, safety and compliance processes.

Key Features
  • Documents

    Standardise and automate your document control process.

  • Audit

    Manage your audit schedule and conduct audits with ease.

  • CA/PA

    Strong internal controls for preventative and corrective actions.

  • Reporting

    Create and improve a culture of reporting and shared learning.

  • Risk

    Create accountability and strengthen business assurance.

  • Training & Competence

    Ensure competency and consolidate training and development records.

  • Customers

    Thoroughly manage and resolve customer complaints.

  • Suppliers

    Manage all vendor related compliance data for ISO and other standards.

  • Assets

    Protect your assets and help ensure business continuity.

  • Law

    Identify and evaluate the status of your legislation and compliance requirements.

  • Data

    Gather data to monitor, measure and analyse your performance in real-time.

Pentana® Audit

Pentana Audit is a risk-based audit management software application. It automates compliance, provides a paperless audit system and allows you to identify risks and areas for improvement. Everything is managed in one place.

Key Features
  • Risk and control management

    Define and assess risks and controls automatically with a library of objectives, risks, controls and tests.

  • Time and expense management

    Schedule, track and report time and expenses.

  • Internal and external reporting

    Create detailed, targeted and actionable reports automatically.

  • Audit work paper management

    Go paperless with your working papers in a single record system.

  • Audit evidence management

    Fully integrate your goals, tests, samples and observations in one place.

  • Audit project management

    Complete control of resourcing, provision and issue identification.

  • Business intelligence and analytics

    Harness the power of AI with data analytics and BI tools.

  • Issue tracking and action management

    Manage actions and incidents with automated tools for follow-up, deadlines, closure and more.

  • Audit planning, scoping and scheduling

    Standardise and automate audit planning and scheduling.

  • Mobile and offline working

    Conduct audits in areas with no connectivity and automatically sync when re-connected.

  • Living content library

    Ready-to-use standards, frameworks and regulatory content to automate compliance with various industry-specific regulations.

Q-Pulse® Law

Q-Pulse is a content system for EHS legislation. It helps to achieve and maintain compliance by breaking down relevant legislation into checklists, creating actions to be completed to ensure compliance.

Key Features
  • Access legislation and regulations

    Access up-to-date international, national and regional legislation with a single, integrated system.

  • Global reporting

    Report on compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

  • Manage tasks

    Create tasks to close any compliance gaps and make sure you can gain and maintain compliance.

  • Document current compliance levels

    Show the level of compliance by category and tasks due and overdue.

  • Identify compliance gaps

    Identify gaps with a comprehensive overview of compliance requirements.

  • Assess and record relevance

    Ensure legislation is relevant and applicable to your business and its operations.

  • Add location/activity

    Update your profile to understand compliance requirements across your organisation.

  • Update compliance levels

    Colour coded checklists show your level of compliance at a glance.

  • Map activities and locations

    Build an overview of compliance requirements across activities and locations.

Q-Pulse® PM

Q-Pulse Product Management helps organisations manage quality in relation to bringing new products to market. It facilitates the management of all stages of a product’s lifecycle, bringing everything together in one central location.

Key Features
  • Managing organisation of tasks

    Product lifecycle workflow and project management.

  • Manage risks to ensure compliance

    Manufacturing process planning and inspection.

  • Meet design requirements

    Product requirement management.

  • Streamline supplier involvement

    Supply chain collaboration.

  • Part submission warrant creation

    Access all required documentation from one central location.

  • Integration with digital manufacturing tools (CMM)

    No need to purchase new equipment.

  • CA/PA

    Notification of at-risk tasks.

Pentana® Disclose

Pentana Disclose is a checklist tool which creates financial disclosure checklists needed by accountants to prepare financial statements. The software tailors checklists, screening out questions and details which are irrelevant.

Key Features
  • Tailoring

    Tailoring is an intelligent process that takes key information about the characteristics of an entity and uses expert rules to determine which disclosures are required.

  • Checklist Filter and search

    To show areas such as unanswered questions and problem answers. The search function can be used to locate questions.

  • Expertise in checklist creation

    UK and International checklists authored by industry experts.

  • Checklist re-use

    Different tailoring can be used for another entity, while still retaining the information for the previous entity.

  • Roll Forward

    Aspects of the disclosure checklist can be used in subsequent periods.

Pentana® Risk

Pentana Risk is used to identity and assess risk throughout organisations, giving business leaders complete visibility of all aspects of risk and how they are being managed. It delivers clarity, control and the ability to make informed decisions with the right data.

Key Features
  • Risk

    Identify, analyse and evaluate risk with optimised heat maps and charts. Compare current time periods to guide future decision making.

  • Appraisals

    Align strategic objectives to individual performance with personal dashboards for every employee.

  • Performance

    Visualise performance against targets in real-time and perform data analysis on KPIs.

  • Inform

    Proactively manage incidents with complete data capture, intuitive workflow, consolidated reporting, and investigative case management.

  • Charts

    Promote a more flexible, engaging and intelligent work environment, enabling you to employ greater analytical awareness at an enterprise level.

  • Policies

    Work collaboratively on draft policy reviews and simplify the publishing, distribution, approval and change control process.

  • Actions

    Consolidate all actions into streamlined milestones with the ability to track progress and set auto-reminders.

  • Assess

    Improve collaboration and transparency in progressing recommendations with high-level reporting and executive dashboards.


PleaseReview is our document review, co-authoring and redaction software. It facilitates collaboration in real-time with complex documents, manages the workflow and provides a reconciliation report of all changes and contributions made to a document.

Key Features
  • Work in your preferred format

    Handles Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, images and more.

  • Secure access

    Access documents securely anywhere, anytime from multiple devices.

  • Full document version control

    Work on all aspects of the document in the software.

  • Collaborate

    Co-author, edit and review with your team in real time.

  • Total configurability

    Customise the permissions and capabilities of all contributors.

  • Automatic notifications

    Automated progress tracking and reminders.

  • All contributions are recorded

    Automatic capture of comments, suggested changes and discussion thread.

  • Configurable redactions

    Redactions categorized according to type.

  • Keeps record of audit trail

    Automatically generated justification report.

  • Works with QMS

    Integrate with leading Quality Management Systems such as Q-Pulse.

  • Comment categories

    Categorise comments for a more structured review process.

  • Work from templates

    Set up review templates to speed up review creation.


Coruson allows for the effective management of safety, incidents and risk at enterprise level. As a cloud-based software application, it delivers real time visibility of safety and risk reporting within your organisation with on the go access.

Key Features
  • Action management

    Automate the process of mitigation and action planning.

  • Document control and policy management

    Streamline regulatory compliance.

  • Audit management

    Thorough records are held in the system to automate the audit process.

  • Incident management and reporting

    Smart forms make it easy for employees to report incidents and create a culture of accountability.

  • Operational risk management

    Centralised risk register with bowtie visualisation.

  • Performance monitoring

    Business intelligence, analysis and dashboards.

  • Configurable to your needs

    Configure the software to your unique organisational processes and requirements.

  • Global support from Ideagen

    Domain experts in aviation, rail, advanced engineering, oil and gas and chemicals.

  • Change control

    Circulate changes through the document management process to maintain compliance.

  • Remote and mobile access

    Compatible with desktop, mobile devices and offline working.


This is our cloud-based e-learning solution which delivers training for Ideagen software. The courses are designed to be undertaken at your own time and pace, enabling workforces to become fully competent in using our products.

Key Features
  • Access course and user reports

    Keep track of your staff usage and progress with access to customer courses and user reports.

  • Custom course content

    Get the most from your investment by uploading your own blended or e-learning curricula and content.

  • Unlimited access to all content

    Get full access to all courses right away. There are no restrictions on courses available to your organisation.

  • Create certifications with expiry dates

    Create your own certifications and manage expiry dates to highlight when refresher training might be required.

  • Unlimited users and groups

    Take advantage of an unlimited number of users and manage your staff with groups.

  • Customisable URLs and branding

    Option to apply your own logo and/or URL to the Academy.

  • Intuitive user interface

    Academy’s user experience keeps training stimulating with interactive demos, quizzes and assessments.

  • Tools to help streamline your training

    Create and manage your courses to tailor your training programme.

Q-Pulse WorkRite

Pentana Compliance

"Due to the excellent support provided by Ideagen and our in house knowledge of the product, we wanted not only to upgrade our current version, but also to quickly and cost effectively roll it out to other departments."

- Tim Llewellin, IT Manager - Imaging & Pathology Directorate (Plymouth Hospitals, NHS)

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