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Welcome to PleaseReview v6.3

This latest release is now available for all existing customers. Key features of this release are listed below:

  • ReviewZones in the new user interface – previously only available in the classic interface, the Zones feature allows the review owner to apply roles to participants on a section by section basis within a Word document. This could be to prevent individual users from commenting or marking-up changes to specific sections of a document, or even prevent users from viewing certain sections.
  • Easy agree / disagree – participants are now able to agree or disagree with comments and proposed changes with a simple click of the thumbs up / thumbs down icon.
  • Find tool – allows participants to search the content of Word and PDF documents in the review together with associated comments and proposed changes. Find and Replace and Find and Redact functionality has also been incorporated to PleaseReview. The Find and Redact tool allows participants to search and redact text of PDF documents in the review whereby each redaction is treated as a proposed change.

Additional Information

For more information, please see the PleaseReview v6.3 release notes or watch the v6.3 release webinar which provides an overview of the new version.

View Webinar

Still on v6.1 or a previous version?

PleaseReview v6.2 brought several new features, including a completely new uncontrolled co-authoring capability, PleaseReview OpenSpace. 

We would be happy to talk you through all the enhancements that have been introduced between your current version and v6.3.


If you have any questions or would like to upgrade your software please contact us.

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