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Ideagen is recognised as a market leader in enhancing operational safety performance, audit management, dynamic incident and document management software within the rail sector. Identifying threats that may lead to undesirable events and taking a proactive approach to preventing accidents within this high-risk sector is business critical.

Our flagship Enterprise Risk Management solution, Gael Enlighten, is used by the United Kingdom RSSB (Rail Safety & Standards Board) to manage risks and close calls within their SMIS+ application. The main benefit of a standardised approach to safety management is the reporting aspect, which promotes sector-wide safety and operational high performance. Business intelligence (BI) features also allow stakeholders to manage their own local safety performance and close call dashboards – this anticipative approach helps to promote a “safety culture”.

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The 2004/49/EC Railway Safety Directive stipulates in Article 4 that the railway undertakings, operators and infrastructure managers are responsible for safe operation and required to establish a safety management system (SMS). Having a structured approach to the adoption of SMS enables the identification of hazards and the continuous management of risks related to an organisations activities, with the aim of preventing accidents.

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Rail operators and the supply chain face many challenges in the day to day operation of their business, including:

  • Ensuring worker and passenger safety 
  • Meeting strict safety guidelines driven by regulators whilst achieving operational excellence 
  • Achieving a “single source of the truth” in the context of current business silos, fragmented data and systems 
  • Reputation protection, brand management and franchise retention. 

Ideagen’s solutions to enhance safety in the rail industry include:

  • A centralised safety reporting system to provide oversight of incidents and corrective and preventive actions encourages a culture of safety 
  • Document control for policies and procedures 
  • Operational audit system 
  • Geo-tagging and photographic of incidents and robust reporting 
  • Integration and direct reporting to external bodies such as the RSSB's SMIS+ system. 

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