Rail Safety Software

Our rail safety software contributes towards making the global rail sector safer for operators, customers and the supply chain.


The success of Ideagen’s rail safety management system solutions has proven such that it has contributed to us being recognised as a market leader in enhancing operational safety performance and efficiency throughout the transportation industry. Discover the key features of Coruson and how it can benefit your business.

How can Ideagen support the rail industry’s specific needs?

Centralised safety reporting system

A centralised reporting system providing the oversights to encourage safety.

Accessible document control

Easily accessible document control for all policies and procedures.

Operational audit system

Resolve any issues from the outset with an operational audit system.

Geo-tagging capability

Enhance safety with geo-tagging and photographic of incidents and robust reporting.

Direct regulatory reporting

Integration and direct reporting to external bodies such as RSSB.

Quality management

Make informed decisions

Ensure that the rail sector is a safer place with our rail safety software, Coruson.

Encourage a culture of safety with a centralised system that provides oversight of incidents, corrective and preventative actions.

Audit management

Oversee your entire business

Have a clear picture of your business processes and log them with Coruson’s auditing system.

Take an in-depth look into your business and flag any issues that may arise and rectify them from the outset.

Rail safety legislation

Adhere to compliance obligations

Cut down the time, effort and cost in finding, translating and interpreting rail safety compliance obligations with Coruson.

Coruson’s single, integrated system ensures that you can be fully compliant with regulatory bodies such as the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB).

Document management

Control policies and procedures

Ensure you are in total control of your policies and procedures with Coruson.

Creating and storing your documents are made simple with Coruson, which allows you to refer to key documents such as your policies and procedures whenever they are required.

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