Private Jet Software For Compliance and Safety

IS-BAO Compliance

Our private jet software solutions help prestigious operators such as Execujet, Gama Aviation, XOJET and Metrojet to manage safety, compliance and quality. Business Jet and Part 135 operators must comply with the standards and best practices set out by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

IBAC demands that its member organisations meet the requirements set out in the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (ISBAO) which is widely regarded as the benchmark for safety and efficiency in business aircraft operations.

Our Q-Pulse customers successfully demonstrate compliance with the IS-BAO standard.

  • Essential Business Jet SMS Components:
  • Document and process control
  • Audit management
  • Action tracking
  • Incident reporting and investigation

Q-Pulse provides a centralised and integrated Business Jet SMS software, providing a single point of reference for all compliance management activities, visibility of status and progress in planning, scheduling, reporting, follow-up of audits as well as resulting findings and actions.

Comply with IATA, EASA and CAA Regulations while Attaining Operational Excellence

  • Better operational decision making and better operating performance
  • More effective and cost beneficial resource management
  • Mitigated risks and lower costs
  • Streamlined administration processes and an end to silos
  • Better strategic insight, better strategic decisions, better strategy
  • Optimised strategic capital investments
  • Stronger reputation and brand, internally and externally

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Increase Safety Intelligence

Businesses in the aviation industry face a growing challenge of maintaining and monitoring a variety of business systems that serve different purposes yet all contain vital operational data. Some of this data has relevance for safety and much of it, if harnessed correctly, can be put to work to drive efficiency and high performance.

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