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Shares and Shareholdings

Total number of shares in issue

The total number of shares in issue at 11th December 2017 is 200,216,986.

Significant Shareholdings                            

Significant shareholdings of 3% or more as at 1st August 2017 were:  
        Investec Wealth & Investment 13.83%
        Liontrust Asset Management 
        Vind LV As                                                                                    7.17%
        Hargreave Hale  7.09%
        Living Bridge 5.62%
        Octopus Investments 4.42%
        David Robert Knight Hornsby                                                                         


Shares not in public hands

In accordance with AIM Rule 26, as at 1st August 2017, 22.49% of the issued share capital of the company was considered not to be in public hands.

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