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Sales Partner Network

With customers spanning the globe, Ideagen has vast experience across business sectors such as Healthcare, Life Science, Aviation, Energy, Manufacturing, Food & Drink, Rail, Financial Services, Accounting and Finance.

The goal of our program is to work towards common, mutually beneficial objectives and create long-term value for both organisations, beyond each of our individual capabilities.

Sales partners are flexible and provide lead and sales generation, project implementation and customer training. A list of our current sales partner network can be found below;

Sales Partners

  • AG Convergence
  • Auditime India & Singapore
  • BBTec
  • CALS
  • Counterhouse Consultants
  • ECL2
  • EEI
  • Finansys
  • HCI
  • Intex Management Services
  • MaXsimise
  • Pentana Russia
  • Process Power Solutions
  • Radan Systems
  • Satori Group
  • Sepia Solutions
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